Magic Wrench

Perfect to use as a pool pump wrench and pump trap wrench.

MagicMend® Products

Our MagicMend® Series of Pipe Extenders, Extender Fittings and Insider Connectors are one-of-a-kind.


Prevent and avoid clostly service calls with Magic Plastics’ new Vibeproof™ Locking Union Technology.

High Heat Union Assemblies

Our Self-Sealing High-Heat Unions prevent plumbing failures due to extreme heat build up caused by the Pump running dry.

90° Sweeps

Magic Plastics’ Sweep 90° Fittings and assemblies are designed to maximize flow and minimize restriction.

Uni-Body Valves

The innovative patented design of the Magic Uni-Body valve was engineered for use in a wide variety of industries and applications.

“CR2®” Corrosion Resistant Check Valves

Completely corrosion resistant, making it the ultimate solution for protecting your expensive Heat Exchangers.

Retro “Smart” Check® Valves

Switch out and upgrade old style restrictive Center-Poppet Spring or old style Swing Check Acme Threaded valves.


The “Smart” Check® provides you with reliable back-flow prevention without the inline restriction of a conventional check valve.