Magic Wrench

Perfect to use as a pool pump wrench and pump trap wrench.

MagicMend® Products

Our MagicMend® Series of Pipe Extenders, Extender Fittings and Insider Connectors are one-of-a-kind.


Prevent and avoid clostly service calls with Magic Plastics’ new Vibeproof™ Locking Union Technology.

High Heat Union Assemblies

Our Self-Sealing High-Heat Unions prevent plumbing failures due to extreme heat build up caused by the Pump running dry.

Replacement Components

For quick repairs or replacements, our line of Replacement Components is everything you need, but nothing you don’t.

Specialty Products

Magic Plastics manufactures a number of specialty products and components for other industries.

I.B.C. Products

A number of products are available for this growing industry.

O-Rings & Washer Rings

Manufactured from Buna-70 and are designed to fit the products listed in our catalog.

Compression Couplings

Our general use Compression Couplings are ideal for both repairs and installations.

Expandable Repair Couplings

The Slip x Spigot design of the couplings allows for a quick, simple and permanent solution to repair broken pipes.