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Magic Plastics, Inc. is a family-owned and operated injection molding company, manufacturing quality products since 1985. Our Proprietary line of Valves and Fittings are distributed to a number of different industries including Pool & Spa, Plumbing and Irrigation. Magic Plastics is also a well-recognized Custom Injection Molder, serving a large customer base throughout the United States. Check out our new additions to our PVC Union Assemblies and more. Please take a moment to browse our website to see how Magic Plastics can benefit your company.


QwikLED® by Magic Plastics

QwikLED® was created because of a demand for new LED lighting in older pools. Approximately 95% of pools in the United States still have older pool light niches making it impossible to replace them with a new small LED light. This issue has not only made it costly to replace older lights but also has made it economically demanding for pool owners to try and simply reduce their energy usage and/or enjoy color LED lighting.

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All of our products are manufactured using the highest-grade materials along with decades of experience. We know our business of providing durable, long-lasting quality products for a number of different industries including Pool & Spa, Plumbing & Irrigation.

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Sump pumps can be noisy but they don’t have to be.
Watch how this satisfied customer discovers how Magic Plastics’ Quiet Check Valve saves the day.

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Magic Plastics has achieved a high level of success and referral business by providing a turnkey resource for companies that need high-quality plastic solutions.