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Magic Plastics’ Flow Indicators provide immediate visual confirmation of liquid or gas flow. The clear Polycarbonate case allows for an unobstructed view of the Red Polypropylene paddlewheel, which spins freely with flow. Stability and relative flow rates are indicated by the speed of the paddlewheel’s rotation. The minimum flow rate is 0.5 LPM, maximum flow rate is 6 LPM. Not for use with caustic chemicals or fluids with a temperature in excess of 140° F. Available in 3 configurations, 1/8” Barb, 1/8” NPT and ¼” NPT.

Part Number Size and Detail Description Qty Case
0700-BARB Flow Indicator, Barbed 200
0700-M125 Flow Indicator, 1/8″ MPT 200
0700-M250 Flow Indicator, 1/4″ MPT 200

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