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The MagicVac is operated by placing your thumb over the ergonomic air hole located at the top of the Vac, submerging it near the area to be cleaned then releasing your thumb. A rush of water and debris will fill the clear, UV stabilized chamber. Raise the full chamber above the water line and allow it to drain, away from the spa. Virtually all debris will remain trapped in the built in removable filter. Detach the End Cap with a simple quarter turn and empty the debris. The MagicVac picks up sand, pebbles, even small rocks. You will be able to reach areas in excess of seven feet away with the telescoping aluminum pole. The MagicVac is completely serviceable and weighs less than two pounds.

Part Number Size & Detail description Qty Case
0690-1GEN MagicVac, Individual Box 1
0690-12GEN MagicVac, 12-Pack Individually Packaged 1

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