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Simplify your servicing needs with Magic Plastics’ patented Drain Valve. Manufactured from impact modified ABS and equipped with a total of 5 Teflon Impregnated O-Rings, the Magic Drain Valve is accessible to the consumer and simple to use. Designed for Skirt or Kick-Plate installations, the Drain Valve is flush mounted to the wall and secured in the closed position.

To operate, pull the spout out, leaving the exterior end cap on. Once extracted, by design, the Drain Valve will stay in the closed position. After the garden hose is installed, push the spout back in halfway to actuate the drain. The valve is also equipped with a removable bezel in order for the skirt to be detached without disturbing the plumbing. The Magic Drain Valve also has built in freeze protection and will drain approximately 5 gallons per minute. Available in ½˝ Slip or ¾˝ Barb configurations.

Part Number Size & Detail description Qty Case
0455-05 ½” Slip Spa Drain Valve 54
0456-05 ¾” Barbed Spa Drain Valve 54
0457-05 ¾” Spigot Spa Drain Valve 54

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